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Pasta for every meal

A couple of years ago my children started getting cold after cold ( and they are usually very healthy ). I decided they needed more vegetables and started adding broccoli to everything including adding pureed broccoli stalk to meat patties.

The illnesses passed and so did the obsession with pureed broccoli stalks but one of the meals I made at the time has become a family favourite or it might be more accurate to say its become an every day ( sometimes every meal staple for my son ).

It’s super easy to make, can be made in bulk and stored in the fridge and you can add different ingredients although my son just sticks with this basic recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pasta with broccoli (of course)  cream cheese, pesto (and anything else you feel like adding) recipe


1 packet of pasta ( penne, spirals )

1 x 250g light cream cheese

5 tablespoons pesto ( you can leave out if your kids don’t like it )

1 or 2 heads of broccoli cut up ( depending on how many veges you want to pump into your kids)

A little diced ham on the top when served


Cook pasta according to instructions on the packet.

I add the broccoli cut into flowerets into the pot when the pasta has 4 minutes left to cook.

When pasta and broccoli is cooked I remove the broccoli from the pot and cut into smaller pieces so it almost disappears into the pesto. Of course you could leave as smaller flowerets.

Add cream cheese and pesto (if using).

Serve into bowls.

At this point you can customise each person’s pasta if you so desire. E.g.I add chorizo to the adults.

And of course I also have a stock of this made up in the fridge : )