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I love meals that can be made from ingredients that are always in my cupboard and frittata is one of my go to dinners.

To make the preparation easier you can cook the veges earlier in the day, the night before or if you like to be really organised – plan your dinner the night before around having left over veges for the frittata.

This recipe is very adaptable so quantities are a guide only and can easily be added to. If you get your veges and pour the eggs over and the eggs aren’t covering the veges just mix up some more egg and milk in a bowl and pour over.

And it’s gluten free and can easily be made vegetarian.


Ingredients to make 1 large frypan

3 – 4 rashers of cooked bacon

Diced potatoes ( about 1cm cubed) or if your kids are more adventurous than mine kumera, pumpkin or I cook up two separate fry pans with a kids version and an adult version

Mushrooms, capsicum, asparagus ( again if your kids wont eat you could do two separate frypans )

6-8 eggs

About 2 tablespoons of milk per egg

3-4 tablespoons of pesto ( if your kids don’t like pesto leave it out )

Grated cheese to go on the top ( optional )


Chop veges into bite size cubes and boil till cooked ( 4-5 minutes ) or if using left-overs cut into bite size pieces

Cut bacon into small pieces.

Heat a little butter and fry pan and cook bacon.

Add veges and heat through a little.

While veges are heating break eggs into a bowl and add about 1 tablespoon of milk per egg. Once you have made this a few times you can just pour the milk in but for the first few times if you aren’t confident at getting scrambled egg consistency its probably best to measure it.

Turn your element down to low heat and pour in the eggs. Turn the grill on for the next step.

When the frittata mixture starts bubbling put the frypan under the grill to cook the top . Not too close as you want it to cook not burn.