Time saving tip #1

Let’s talk socks, yes socks, not adventuring, not baking…socks, because while I would rather be adventuring or baking or doing anything else other than domestic duties sometimes you just have to sort socks!

My husband and I exercise quite a lot and that involves socks, and don’t even get me started on the number of socks the kids seem to have in the wash.  I won’t even consider buying kids school socks unless they have the size printed on the bottom to make matching pairs quicker.

And if I ended up in the garage putting my running shoes on with my husband’s running socks one more time I think I was going to scream, wait… I think I did scream. My solution to that problem was to sew coloured thread on the toe of the sock. OK I’ll be honest I got my Mum to sew the thread on, but even if you have to do it yourself I think it would be worth getting out the needle and thread.

Of course if you can’t bring yourself to break out the sewing kit, coloured sports socks could change your world. How did I not know these existed…it makes perfect sense…of course all sports socks don’t have to be white and now mine are pink. It’s so easy to match up the socks, and I never end up with the wrong socks as I am rushing out of the house for a walk.

And one final note on socks and all things laundry related…don’t forget the smallest resource in your family – your kids! Yes they might moan and complain but sorting socks is a great job for kids.

Now back to adventuring and baking!