Tips for bulk buying

I am super excited about a bulk food store opening in my neighbourhood. I have tried to visit Bin Inn more to reduce my plastic use but the nearest one in Auckland hasn’t really been convenient until now.

So with this in mind I thought I would share my tips on shopping at a bulk food store.

It’s amazing what can be purchased at Bin Inn or whatever your local bulk buying store is. Of course there are a great range of food items but also a great range of cleaning products.

I have only been bulk buying for a couple of months and it does take a bit of planning but there is a lot less packaging. A few things I have learned in my short time bulk buying;

  • At Bin Inn you save 5% if you take your own containers
  • Of course you don’t have to take your own containers but it does help reduce packaging even more
  • Containers can still have product in as the containers can be ‘weighed in’
  • And just on containers, while I love the look of my glass containers they are heavy to take back to the store and heavier to manage in the kitchen. Not to mention quite breakable as I discovered.

  • Bulk buying does take up more space in the kitchen especially if you bake and make your own bread as I find I go through ALOT of flour.
  • And a Bin Inn also have a loyalty card.

As with any change it can be a good idea to just make a few changes at a time so it doesnt feel too overwhelming and you can sustain the changes you are trying to make.

Happy bulk shopping.